my first attempt at putting a gig on in York. Found a pub who would give you the room for free, found a PA for fifty pounds, printed up loads of flyers, and told everyone to tell their friends. Then found out the hard way, that's not how you get people through the doors.

The Moo Machine played first - in fact, they were still playing, when The Williams came and took over the instruments, (I can't remember if the bands arranged to do this beforehand, or whether The Moo Machine overran.) All I know is one song by one band, merged into one song by another band.

By the end of the night, I'd broken even on the gig. Just. By about 50p. The Moo Machine demanded their payment, and so I gave them 50p, embarrassed. (and for the record, I'd paid for myself to get in, and stopped them trying to get their mates in for free, and let them in cheaper instead)

"This is an insult" they said, and threw the money back at me.

Maybe it was an insult, but that's all I had. Plus they were based in York, and probably put their instruments on the back of their bicycles to get it home, whereas The Williams were from Scunthorpe and had to drive.

Highlight of the night? Phoning Radio One, and getting John Peel to read out that I was doing a gig right there and then- it certainly helped get more people through the doors...